Monday, January 20, 2014

What to wear... What to wear?.....

Ring.....  Ring....... Ring......

"Thank you for calling Senshido Connecticut. This is Rick, how can I help you?"

Hi Rick, my name is Judy and I'd like to sign up for the seminar in February.  Any spots left?

"Sure thing Judy, there's a couple left. Consider yourself signed up".

Great!  I'm very new to this. What should I wear?

"Whatever you normally wear during your day to day activities.  Better yet, go into your closet and find that outfit you'd normally wear to work but that stain didn't come out, or it's getting dated....."

You want me to train in work clothes?

It's just a suggestion.  We keep our training as realistic as possible.  Work clothes can really change the way you can move simply because they're not cut to move.  You need to ask yourself  'am I most likely going to be attacked when I'm lounging around my house in sweatpants and a t-shirt, or coming out of work to a dark parking lot'.

You don't fool around, do you?

Not when it comes to quality training and the safety of my students I don't..........

Wow.  See you in February.

                                     Great outfit,  but it can be a real handicap during a struggle.
                                     Better find out how it's going to affect your efforts in training........

This applies across the board, not just for office workers.  Sadly, I see it happen in the law enforcement community as well.  Cops show up to train in, well....  training clothes.  I recommend they get back into their uniforms, including their duty belts and body armor.  I get told "but the pants aren't cut for fighting".... yup.  And "someone could get stuck by the badge, pins, pens and other stuff on our shirts".....  uh -huh. My typical response is  'Look guys, you didn't get to pick your uniform, but it's your responsibility to learn to make it work for you.  Let's do this...'.

Keep it real my friends, keep it real.......

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  1. So true. Despite training for years in classical styles, I prefer to do my solo workouts in my regular clothes, as well as different environments (classroom floors can be slippery! ). And color me surprised that there's a Senshido branch here in CYCLE!